Committment to Excellence

Professional, prompt, courteous service is what you should expect from your doctor. We are committed to providing you the highest quality care, with compassion and a personal touch.

​You can be assured of our commitment to excellence when it comes to the quality and the level of care we provide. Below are some of the services we offer, in our state-of-the-art clinic and in the hospital.  

Coronary angioplasty/stent

We perform all aspects of coronary care including emergency cardiac care, coronary stenting, intra-vascular ultrasound, intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation, thrombectomy, balloon angioplasty and fractional flow reserve measurement. We rank among the top in the nation in door-to-balloon times for acute myocardial infarction treatment.


We have implanted over 500 cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators since 2002, and continue to offer Northeast Alabama's only full-time device clinic between Chattanooga and Birmingham. We have a full time arrhythmia technician who specializes in pacemaker, defibrillator and CRT management, under the supervision of our cardiologist.

3D Echo

We have the only 3D cardiac echo in DeKalb county. Using this amazing technology, we can visualize heart valves with incredible detail, and identify which valves need further imaging and possible surgical repair, earlier, and less invasively than ever before.

AortaScan Screening

Using the AortaScan 9700 ultrasound tool, we are able to provide a quick non-invasive assessment of your abdominal aorta, an important screening tool to identify aneurysms that can be fatal. The test is painless, and takes less than 4 minutes. No one else in DeKalb county has this tool.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Identifying venous insufficiency is the first step to treating this disease that is more prevalent than even coronary artery disease. We can ask the right questions to determine if your leg heaviness and tightness is from venous insufficiency, and from there we will map out a plan to treat it with compression, sclerotherapy and/or radio-frequency ablation.

Nuclear Stress Testing

As the only ICANL accredited nuclear cardiology lab in DeKalb county, you can expect a high level of quality and skill in your technician and your doctor. We strive to maintain the highest level of diagnostic accuracy, so we can guide your care from diagnosis to treatment.

Peripheral Artery Stenting

If your legs hurt when you walk, we can use Duplex sonography to identify if you have plaque in your leg arteries, causing the symptoms.  Then we can enter the artery in the cath lab, and remove plaque, balloon open the blockage and insert a stent (a tiny metal strut) to keep the artery open, to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle that will help keep your artery open.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Many patients with heart disease also have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease). We are able to screen for, identify, and treat COPD, and help you quit smoking. Our office spirometry is painless, non-invasive, and quick - we can diagnose emphysema, asthma, restrictive lung disease, and begin treatment today.

Compression of the iliac veins is a common condition affecting millions of Americans, who suffer silently, because they do not realize there is help available. In certain patients with severe leg pain, cramps, restless legs, swelling, and heaviness, we can identify common femoral vein reflux. We invite those patients with femoral vein reflux to have intravascular ultrasound of the central veins. If we identify compression of these veins, we can place a stent inside the vein to serve as an internal scaffolding, to prevent the iliac artery from compressing the iliac vein against the vertebra. The symptom relief we have seen is significant - if you suffer from these symptoms, please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Saxena. 

Central Venous Stenting

Appalachian Research Associates is a dedicated research organization participating in Phase 1-5 clinical research trials, and providing access to investigational medications to the citizens of DeKalb, Cherokee, Jackson, and Etowah counties. Patient safety is our first priority. We utilize the oversight of a central IRB for patient safety and data safety monitoring. We are involved with several research protocols in conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, restless leg syndrome and peripheral arterial disease. 

X-ray is an important test to help us to identify many types of heart diseases. X-ray allows us to see pathology in the chest, around the heart and lungs, and focus our treatment with higher accuracy. Digital x-ray images can be shared electronically with your doctor or sent any doctor we refer you to via email. We are pleased to being the latest technology to our patients, in the convenience of the office setting, without dealing with a hospital or a large imaging center in Birmingham. 

Clinical Research
Digital X-Ray

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